for two

GYROTONIC® sessions are usually one on one with a trainer but I recently had a request from my client to try it together with her friend as it was her first time.  So I combined two sessions together.  There aren’t very many studios in Tokyo where they have more than 1 pulley tower so I had to ask my clients to share the machine but they were happy to take turns.

At first I was a bit worried about taking twice the time to go through one sequence and that one might get bored while waiting for her turn to do it but I found out it worked rather quite well!
After I showed the movements on the machine myself, one of them tried it with my supporting hands-on guiding the direction as I explained,  The other client could listen to my explanation and observe the overall movements of her friend and understand what exactly she had to do. 

As a result, I discovered she was able to visualise the specific movements which enhanced quicker and better understanding!!

Indeed it was quite a revelation for me!!!

My clients both told me that they were really able to feel their back and shoulders stretching out and chest open up which felt really good!!  These movements were not something they were used to doing in their everyday lives so they realised how much they spent most of the time being cramped up and slouching down.  They also said that the machine guided them in the right direction so they were able to stretch out more than without it.  

I remember when I first tried GYROTONIC®it was such a sensational experience that I immediately became engrossed in it.  It is truly rewarding when my clients share that similar experience with me and tell me how wonderful they feel.   I am hoping to encourage people around me to give it a try at least once so that they know what I’m talking about! 

It was actually quite good fun to do a session for two people and there were lots of things for me to learn as well.  It worked quite nicely so I am going to continue double sessions if anyone would like to try it.  Please let me know if you’re interested!