be my sunshine

In GYROKINESIS® exercises, there are lots of movements where you reach your arms further out and open your chest as you inhale deeply.

I recently realised I could stretch out more and feel really good when I think of a scenery that makes me relaxed.

The image I like to picture in my head is being in the middle of beautiful flowers in a forest where the warm sunshine is streaming through foliage.

And stretching my imagination a bit more, I think of breathing in the fresh scent of fragrant flowers…
hearing  the sweet notes of  harp that comes out of nowhere…
catching the glittering golden light on my face…

Oops, I’m not getting carried away, don’t worry I’m not weird – it’s all about letting your creative thinking take you to a place where you feel most relaxed and comfortable!

I feel my heart calming down and soothed.

In our busy everyday lives, we are chased by time and deadlines and without realising we tend to spend most of the time tensed up, remaining in a fixed position for a really long time.  So when you think of something comforting, something you like or a beautiful scenary I think you can let your body and mind free without trying hard. 

When your unconcsciously stiffened body is released from the tention, then you will be able to stretch out more easily and feel great.

Believe me, it’s quite sensational.  Think of your favourite place or anything that makes you feel good and just breathe in and out slowly.  It is certainly worth a try!