A few weeks ago, my work colleagueshowed an interest in GYROTONIC® so she tried it for the first time.  She immediately became a big fan and since then she has been continuing sessions once a week.

She told me her upper arms , shoulders, and upper back between shoulderblades got really stiff from practicing traditional Japanese archery regularly.

But when she did the handle unit movements, she felt her arms and back stretch out and she felt really good the next day despite the slightly sore muscles.

She was fascinated that GYROTONIC® exercises worked on inner muscles and stretched them without having to do any strenuous workouts and that it wasn’t the least bit painful but invigorating.  And she just loved it!

I also had a chance to do a session with someone around the same age as my parents.  She told me her shoulder hurt when she tried to move her arm around in circular motion before but after the session, she was really happy she could swing her arm without pain.   She also felt her back was stretched when she did the spinal motions.

It always makes me happy to see my client’s face light up with a bright big smile and “wow!”

It’s the moment when I feel genuinely glad that I became a trainer!