Two of my customers who have continued GYROTONIC® exercises for more than 7 times have both shown some progress on the spinal motion movements.  They  hadn’t been engaged in any sports before and at first, they were not familiar with arch and curl of the spine.  However, I recently discovered that they now had better understanding and were able to move their spines in the correct wave motion.  It was very exciting to see their improvements.

In addition, the person who could not stretch out her knees straight through the 5th line could now do it and reach out from the theigh bones!  She was really happy and it made me happy too!  

My master trainer told me before that she always recommoneded her new clients to try at least 5 sessions before deciding whether or not to continue because it is not always easy and straightforward for everyone to pick up.  I now see why.

I always feel grateful about being a trainer when I can share the clients’ amazing progress and discoveries and achievements!