what GYROKINESIS® is to me

In our modern busy day lives, we are constantly constrained by time and limited space.  Commuting in a packed train in the morning rush hour, spending the whole
day staring into the pc screen or sitting at a desk in the same position, being chased by deadlines and endless to-do lists and household chores etc, etc, etc.

When you are continuously incredibly busy you even forget how to let off steam and you realise you never have a chance to get spaced out unless you create that bit
of time in your schedule.

So your body becomes tense and stiff from daily stress and tension, and you get into the habit of always moving your body in the same direction or staying in the
same posture, and you are also pulled down by gravity at all times.  No wonder your body and mind eventually lose balance.

However, your body is designed to be able to move in all different directions so when you use parts of your body you usually don’t use much or stretch yourself in
the opposite direction from your usual movements which you are accustomed to, you can release the strain and that makes you relax.

For example, when you wake up in the morning and have a good long stretch or catch the bright sunshine or breathe in fresh air, you let yourself free and allow
yourself to find some breadth of mind.

That is the similar experience I get from doing GYROKINESIS® exercises. With matching breathing
patterns, you stretch out your body in spiral motions and rippling movements sitting on a chair, on the floor and standing.

Age, gender, flexibility, whether or not you’re fit – none of these matter at all, just as anbody can do stretching and take deep breaths, you can move within your
own range of movement.  One of the most fascinating things about GYROKINESIS® is the unique experience of group dynamics
that everyone in each class shares when we all move together in rhythm and feel the invigorating sensation generated from the flowing energy.  

A morning class might help clear your head and make you feel rejuvenated so it can be a great way to start off your day.  An evening class after work may give
you a chance to escape from the clamor and busy day you had and calm yourself down and find peace of mind.  And of course, a class before ballet lesson, will tune up your body so you have
more freedom in movements and you stay pain-free after the lesson.  When you come to realise for yourself that your body stays in good condition and you simply want that great
wholesome feeling again, those are the very simple reasons for continuing GYROKINESIS®. 

Why not take a break to escape from the clamor and forget all the burden for a moment and reserve some time to take yourself through the GYROKINESIS® journey to explore and discover and reflect on yourself?