Gyrokinesis® final certification

Hooray!!!! I finished my final certification course for Gyrokinesis® and am now a certified trainer.

It was a whole lot of fun than I’d expected. The way Erika, the authorised master who run the course guided everyone was just so so amazing that I can’t quite describe how fascinating it was.

She demonstrated many qualities that I quite would like to emulate myself, particularly how she brought the whole class together in the beginning with such a serene tone to find peace of mind and gradually built up into culmination and brought everyone back again into calm relaxed state. These past 3 days reminded me of my initial incentive and reason for doing it.

There were of course many new discoveries and revelations. The more I learn I see that there is more to learn and through teaching I realise there is more scope to develop myself and continue to grow.

What I found most fulfilling and enthralling about Gyrokinesis® was that this method was not just about exercising the body and working out muscles, but more deeply connected with the inner self and intuitive energy flowing through deep inside consciousness and subconsciousness. It really is a very esoteric method.

I would very much hope to reflect and create the sensation and excitement in class for as many people to experience what it’s really like.