GYROTONIC® final certification course

I completed the 3 day final certification course for GYROTONIC® !

I was wondering what the authorised master trainer would be like.  Dawnna Wayburne was very lovely and charming and a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed her course very much.  🙂

In addition to the participants from Japan, there were about 6 people from Korea, and others from Hong Kong and Guam so the
course was run in three different languages and with the simultaneous interpretation, it was very lively.  Even if we spoke different languages, we all shared the common GYROTONIC®  language and at the same time it was quite interesting that each of us had different perceptions and receptiveness which highlighted a variety of different colours throughout the course.  

When we split up in groups, I was with Lauren who had an IT security job at the American base in Guam and Shirley who was a
lawyer from Hong Kong.  
It was a great opportunity for me to be able to try hands-on with people from diverse backgrounds with different range of motion, power, stamina and body structures, whom I did not get a chance to work with during my apprenticeship period.  

We reviewed the basic principles of GYROTONIC® method and new variations of hands-on and went through complicated movements of advanced exercises.  We also practiced running through rhythmical combinations of exercises in each family with music without stopping the flow.  That was something I had not done myself before.  I was too worried about doing the right hands-on and guiding clients to the right directions that I hadn’t got on the machine much to do a series of movements myself.  I realised how much fun and playful it was just to move with the flow in rhythm.  I hope to give my clients the similar experience to feel the enjoyment of moving in different speed and rhythm and going with the flow.  The music helped a lot.   

I think what makes the GYROTONIC®  method so fascinating and appealing is that it pulls the positive energy towards you by releasing the tension not just in the body but also the mind.  

I was really glad to have had an opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time with a wonderful group.  I think I felt something change and opened up myself more during the last intensive three days.  Many thanks to everyone who have been so encouraging and supportive.  See you again at updates at some point!