sunset GYROKINESIS® class on the beach

We had a GYROKINESIS® class on the beach in Shonan today.
It’s been quite some time since I last came to the beach in the summer at high season.

After lunch, my trainer friends, Haruchan and Kumichan and I wandered around for about 10 minutes under the scorching sun looking for a good location on the beach to have a class.

There was hardly any shade and the sun was sizzling hot so we got completely exhausted just walking. Just as we thought we were never going to find anywhere appropriate, we found one. Wornout and relieved, we went into a nice cafe nearby to wait until the sun came down a bit.

Then we got back on the beach and started class in a circle. There were four of us trainers so we took turns to teach.

Unlike the enclosed space inside the studio, there were no walls to cut off the view, so when I looked up as I arched, I could see the clear blue sky, when I spiraled, I could see the beautiful Mount Fuji and the sunset and when I twisted in the other direction, I could see the crescent moon and the lighthouse. The unblocked view stretching ahead opened up my mind as well as my body.

With the sounds of big waves, we felt the lapping waves and the sands under the soles of our feet. Doing Gyrokinesis exercises listening to the sounds and rhythm of nature was a different and fascinating experience.

Waves were particularly soothing and felt great!

We finished off with Haruchan’s yoga. We all stood facing the sun setting behind Mount Fuji. The view was divine and made me enjoy and appreciate the blessings of nature.

I think we all shared the same sense of liberation, fulfillment and joie de vivre together.

Summer evening Gyrokinesis on the beach is definitely a special experience worth trying!!!!
Certainly a great opportunity to let go of your stress from your busy everyday life.

It would not have happened like this without Hiroki Nakatani’s courtesy nor had it been possible without his magnetism that brought us all together to this special place so millions of thanks to all his time and work he dedicated so generously.