GYROTONIC® session

I took Mari Takeda’s GYROTONIC®  session at As I Am Apartment studio at Minami Aoyama yesterday.

Ever since I became a trainer, I had been teaching mostly and although I occasionally practiced on the machine myself, I scarcely had chances to take other trainer’s sessions as a client.  

Mari Takeda has been teaching a lot longer than I have and has had extensive experience so the way she guided the movements was of course really apposite and clear.  I could feel the space being created between my vertebrae a lot more than usual and it felt fantastic.  

On the handle unit, she taught me a new way to narrow up the upper body keeping the spine upright and creating contrast and twisting the upper body into spiral from the pelvis.  It was quite an enlightment for me.  It was also similar to the spiral twist in GYROKINESIS® exercises so I would definitely like to try this with my clients who also do GYROKINESIS®.

In the hamstring series, she told me that by keeping the heels and the toes together throughout the exercises, the client could feel where their hamstrings were and where they should be using which was often quite difficult to realise at first.  And I thought that was a really good tip.

I also used a lot of inner thighs, upper arms and the laterals under arms so they are slightly sore today but still they felt great.

I enjoyed stretching out and relaxing and at the same time learning new tips and ways of explaining the movements.  It was like rediscovering the wonders of this method.