a brand new start

It was my first GYROTONIC® session at as・i・am/apartment studio today.   New encounters are always very exciting and I get butterflies in my stomach. However, my very first client was a
very charming lady so once the session started, I got carried away and it was over before I knew it.  

The studio was located in a very spacious room on the seventh floor, so the night view overlooking Omotesando was quite
nice.  There were lots of nice boutiques and fancy cafes and restaurants on the way from the tube station to the studio.  What a great excuse to enjoy going on a splurge before or after
a lesson!?  My lovely client said she was going to get her nails done afterwards.  

Just like you go to a hair dresser’s or beauty salon or shopping, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to come to the studio to
just relax your body and refresh your mind?  I very much hope to share such moment with as many people as possible.