♥weight off your shoulders campaign♥

♥weight off your shoulders campaign♥

The autumn has finally arrived, a great season for a quiet stroll in the park to enjoy the foliage and the sweet soft fragrance of the orange osmanthus trees but as the temperature drops in the chilly weather, did you notice that you might be unconsciously tensing up your shoulders?

I also see a lot of people on the train everyday completely wrapped up in books and mobile phones and their backs hunched and shoulders slumped and turned inward.  When I ask my clients before a session if they have any sore areas, the most common answers are neck & shoulders.

So, I am going to shed a spotlight around the shoulders.

In the usual 60 minutes session, we practice the basic spinal movements of GYROTONIC® exercises on the chair first, and then move on to arch & curl series on the handle unit and hamstring series for the legs and so forth but perhaps you may have ended up spending time on these basics.  Have you ever felt you would have liked to move your shoulders a bit more?  I thought so!  I will be incorporating more of the shoulder opening movements so that you can enjoy indulging in releasing strain in your body.

What do I do to relax my shoulders?

Simply remember to keep my shoulders down.

Whenever I concentrated on something, I had a habit of getting tense in my shoulders even though it was completely unnecessary.  So when I was commuting or travelling from one place to
another, I made conscious efforts to remember to keep my shoulders down without any strain.  I changed my bag to a back
that evened up the weight on both of my shoulders.  By keeping shoulders down when carrying a back pack, the chest opened up and it was easier
to feel the lateral sides of the upper body getting connected and stabilised.
If I carried a shoulder bag on one side on
the way out, I switched sides on the way back.


♥ weight off your shoulders campaign ♥

Everyone, including non-members, can enjoy 3 GYROTONIC®  sessions (60 minutes/session) for more than 20% off the regular

Why not ease your shoulders and mind (as well as your purse string!) (^o^)/ 

For those of you who are new to this method, now is your chance to get a flavor of the wonders of GYROTONIC® experience
during this campaign period!

<time>Every Thursday from 18:30, 19:30, 20:30
Every Sunday from 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00

<cost> 3 GYROTONIC®  sessions package deal for 17,000 yen
(the campaign ticket is valid for 1month from the first session)

If you decide to join the membership after 3 sessions, the membership fee (15,000 yen) will be reduced to 10,000 yen!!!

<booking> Please send an email to contact@as-i-am.net to make a booking.

<This campaign package deal ends on 20 December 2012>

<GYROTONIC®  sessions will be conducted by Kay Kodaira>