Happy 2013 spiral!

On Sunday, I had a GYROKINESIS® complimentary class at as・i・am/apartment studio to introduce myself to our clients. I was very delighted to have a full house despite the freezing weather.

The studio was filled with highly motivated participants and we moved throughout the full 90 minutes so the entire space was full of everyone’s energy and I received all the good vibes. It was a truly amazing experience!

Since it was right after coming back from winter holidays of Christmas and New Year feasts and festivities, we focussed on moving a lot and stretching out the stiff body. This time, I simply wanted everyone to enjoy the joy of moving freely at their own pace without having to worry if they are following the right choreography or compare themselves with other people. I very much hope that everyone was able to have fun and feel good and refreshed after class!

People who come to class all have various jobs and completely different backgrounds and each time I teach a class, I am reminded over and over again what a great method GYROKINESIS® exercise really is because it doesn’t matter whether you’re unfit, inflexible, or old, and you can choose to focus on stretching or compressing depending on your physical condition of the day and adjust the intensity of the exercise individually. I think one of its unique characteristics is that you can condition your body without strain or distress. There’s no need to suffer from agony to exercise and get the results you want!

Fortunately, I received a lot of positive feedback after class (what a relief!!) and I came to think again that I wanted more people to know what GYROKINESIS® exercise is like and experience the fun for themselves by actually trying.

I know it’s still not so common here in Japan yet, but this kind of event would be a good opportunity for a starter I think! For those of you who were sadly unable to join me because it got booked up so quickly, as well as those of you who would like to work out your inner muscles more, I will try to have another such opportunity again. Please do join me again for the next happy spiral!