Let your body and mind free! – GYROKINESIS® live by Ballet Tokyo

One of the most relaxing and enjoyable things I love doing is outdoor GYROKINESIS® classes.  I’m also involved in organising an event called GYROKINESIS® live by Ballet Tokyo every season.

Below is an extract from the website on what the event is all about.

What is GYROKINESIS® live?  It is an event created to cherish the gift of nature around us
through GYROKINESIS® method and an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy heartwarming connection with all living things.

Let us get out of the studio into the vast open space and feel the warmth of the sun, smell of the wind, the coolness of soft earth, perhaps the raindrops falling from time to time, the sound resonating from grass, leaves and everything that surrounds us.  The idea is to just let your body and mind free!

We believe it will be an inspirational experience to each of you taking part to realise the purely serene moments that you’d been encompassed with all this time but had been unaware of.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy spending time together each in your own way with appreciation to nature and our bodies we’ve all been granted with.  

The next one is likely to be in the second week of June at Yoyogi Koen.  I will be posting details once the date and time are confirmed so if you would like to join us please check the News section on my website.  🙂   




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