homework sequence in class

Now that my regular clients have got used to the basic movements, I decided to go a little bit into details on the narrowing of the pelvis by contrasting upward elongation and downward pressure so that they can get the feel of creating extra space between the bones. We went through the homework sequence exercises together from the top.

These exercises are supplementary training to the format to help increase the effectiveness of Gyrokinesis® movements and trainers give them as homework to clients who want to practice at home.

As we did them one by one with hands-on, I was amazed at how quickly I could see the immdiate change!!! It was really fascinating to see at first hand how effectively the sequence is designed, picking up the vital essence of Gyrokinesis® exercises in a nutshell and efficiently combined to enhance the quality of movements.

As I know for many people, it’s really hard to practice at home, I think I shall continue to include days to focus on the homework sequence in class every now and then.

It was very productive and enlightening 60 minutes and I was so very happy to see the difference and smiles!! 🙂
Many thanks with all the very best!



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