to a whole new dimension

The following two were offhand remarks from my friends which I found deeply inspiring and illuminating.

“There are 3 highlighted moments respectively at the beginning, middle, and end of a journey. Likewise, what brings to your life’s journey such compelling drama that others resonate with is the build up to the climax in the unfolding of events. In other words, it’s about rising above against all odds in the challenge against yourself and outputting everything you’ve got in that single shot to push yourself beyond limits and pull through.” – KW


“You must shine and go seek for yourself to be in the light. When you convey emotion and passion which genuinely flow out of you, people respond and engage with you.” – MI


Also in the recent turn of events, I learnt at first hand to appreciate the essential principles which have been urged on a number of occasions.

“To master the art of any kind, you must be incentivised with unquenchable determination to acquire advanced expertise and focus your mind on how you can replicate it on your own. Nothing can be accomplished without your self motivation. Quantum leap is entirely contingent on your volition.” – ND

“When you drive yourself to the brink of your breaking point, then and only then can you let go of all the excessive force and realise the quintessential truth that the best performance actually comes with much less effort. Therefore, depending on how far you can stretch your wings towards the maximum edge of the borderline without taking the risk entailed, you may well excel over 100% in the upshot.” -HN

I would never have come to understand what the implications would really mean to me and none of this would have made so much sense to me had I not gone through the actual process.

Now I have a new direction to aim for.

In order to achieve the best possible performance, I wish to explore the optimal balance that works for me between sparing distribution of strength for successful fulfillment and taking full advantage of a challenge to the maximum.