Even though integrity exists beyond borders and among those who are not afraid to explore and experiment outside the box, here it fekels like there remains a slightly disconcerting backwash which, I presume, is perhaps partly attributatble to the covert nature of the homogenous community.

Therefore, the all-too-common one dimentional assumption that there’s only one “right answer” and predisposition toward huddling up from insecurity are unsurprising.

However, in practice numerous different routes and various means are available to reach the final destination.  There’s no right or wrong way to get there.  The wide range of choices makes the journey all the more grand and worthwhile because you can always discover new horizons that open up doors to the new world.  It’s such a shame to let your own fixation limit and miss opportunities for life-enriching experience and scope to grow.

You may be introduced and guided to the most effective ways that others found but you need to explore on your own to discover what works best for you and what doesn’t.  Afterall, only you would know what the “right answer” is for you.  It’s not something to wait to be told or provided.

The more trials you challenge and experience the closer you get to the truth and I think that’s how you can continue to progress and evolve.