back at Gyrotonic Movement Center

l was back in Seattle again for a week so I took this opportunity to visit Karen at GMC. Luckily, she was in town and she gave me a thorough session on archwayand jumping stretch board. I had tried the archway before but it was my first time to try the jbs so it was really exciting.

Karen showed me some of the basic movements done hanging on archway where I could concentrate on using the abdominals and serratus anterior to shift weight. Hanging my body weight would prevent me from using my shoulders so it was easier to know the precise part I needed to use and it created natural resistance so it really made me work harder.

On jbs, there were lots of good exercises to work on inner thighs and abdomimals just by sliding legs and going down into squats. Having both feet on slides required more control to move legs apart in equal distance. I also did upperbody opening series including lots of spiraling and opening up from sternum and softening scapulae. Again, core stability was essential to move smoothly without strain between the shoulder blades. It helped me realise my habitual tendencies and weaknesses. At the end Karen also squeezed in a few modification tips for my clients so I’m looking forward to trying it when I return to Tokyo.

I also took Jane’s Gyrokinesis class. I met her 3 years ago at updates at GMC. She is based in Kansas City but she happened to be teaching Gyrokinesis pre-training course when I was there.  She did the full 60 minute format using 90 minutes and I had not done the full format in ages. It was a real luxury to have enough time to savour it.

It was a very short trip but I really enjoyed seeing old friends and spending time for my own training.