‘Tis time to unwind…

Reflecting upon the past year, I just wanted to express my most sincere thanks to my clients and friends for your loyalty, goodwill and trust you have placed in me, all of which have made my progress possible and my life more fulfilling throughout the year. 

You have inspired me to further explore ways of incorporating an intriguing and compelling element into workouts, which has proven to be more effective than anticipated in terms of sustainability and continuity, and an enlightening pursuit I wish to continue next year, too.  After all, it’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself that makes you want to keep on going, isn’t it?  Like happy holidays that bring music of joy to your heart with warmth, comfort and good cheer.  Alas!  They go by in a flash so better relish the moment and enjoy!

With warmest thoughts and best wishes for the year ahead, rich with blessings and good luck,