a sound mind in a healthy body

It always brings me a great pleasure and such therapeutic joy to watch people’s eyes sparkle with delight as they get off the equipment and tell me with infectious enthusiasm and great relish about the enlightening and exhilarating sensation of freedom they just had and what a revelation it was.

I can see that being able to coordinate movements as intended enhances the feeling of being at home with their body, which inherently energises and motivates them and heightens self-awareness and self-assurance.

So it seems that this empowering effect also opens up the mind and as a result, they feel more connected and engaged both physically and mentally.  Their faces literally light up with radiant energy from within.  As they say, a sound mind in a healthy body indeed!

It certainly is the most rewarding and blessing moment of this job that really reassures me to keep on going.  With much gratitude I very much look forward to sharing these moments in as many lessons as possible.



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